January 2006 Interim Week
P802.3an Task Force Meeting

Jan. 10 - 12, 2006
Chandler, AZ

Document Presenter(s) Representing
all_files.zip *updated*
25-Jan-06; 2535K
Unapproved Minutes
18-Jan-06; 29K
Agenda and General Information
8-Jan-06; 111K
Brad Booth Quake Technologies
TIA TR-42 Liaison Presentation to IEEE
28-Dec-05; 70K
Valerie Rybinski Siemon Company
Editor's Report
10-Jan-06; 31K
Sanjay Kasturia Teranetics
Comments received on D3.0
4-Jan-06; 265K
Comment responses on D3.0 *new*
23-Jan-06; 376K
MDI comment
10-Jan-06; 243K
Olindo Savi Siemon Company
Munroe comments
22-Dec-05; 24K
Michael Munroe Independent
Low Power UTP Mode
23-Dec-05; 44K
Jim Barnette Vitesse
Low Power STP Mode
23-Dec-05; 69K
Jim Barnette Vitesse
Low Power Latency Reduction
23-Dec-05; 18K
Jim Barnette Vitesse
Transmit Link Burst Timer
22-Dec-05; 22K
Todd Thompson SolarFlare
Power Management for 10GBASE-T
6-Jan-06; 185K
Hugh Barrass Cisco
Using ScTP Patch Cords for Mitigating Alien Crosstalk
6-Jan-05; 938K
Terry Cobb Systimax
Modes to support low power operation
10-Jan-05; 25K
Sanjay Kasturia Teranetics
10GBASE-T Short reach test mode
11-Jan-05; 144K
Chris Di Minico MC Communications
Short reach mode motion and supported documentation
11-Jan-05; 117K
Dan Dove Dove Networking


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