July 2004 Plenary Week
P802.3an Task Force Meeting

July 13-15, 2004
Portland, OR

Document Presenter(s) Representing
24-Jul-04; 10,613K
28-Sep-04; 144K
Mike McConnell KeyEye Communications
Agenda and General Information
16-Jul-04; 1171K
Brad Booth Intel
Spreadsheet: Agenda
12-Jul-04; 20K
Brad Booth Intel
Straw Polls
16-Jul-04; 544K
16-Jul-04; 1234K
TIA TR-42 Liaison report
7-Jul-04; 74K
Valerie Rybinski Siemon
TR-42 Liaison Response to IEEE 802.3 on Augmented Category 6 Cabling
7-Jul-04; 104K
TR-42 Liaison Response to IEEE 802.3
7-Jul-04; 98K
TR-42.7 TSB-155 d1.0
7-Jul-04; 197K
Draft response to TIA TR42
24-Jul-04; 51K
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25/WG 3 Liaison report
11-Jul-04; 19K
Alan Flatman Independent
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25/WG 3 Liaison Letter
6-Jul-04; 965K
Draft response to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25/WG 3
24-Jul-04; 50K
Editor's opening report
9-Jul-04; 1215K
Sanjay Kasturia Teranetics
Editor's wrap-up
20-Jul-04; 126K
Sanjay Kasturia Teranetics
NEXT can be Mitigated
13-Jul-04; 390K
Wayne Larsen Systimax
Baseline Text for Clause 55.X MDI Specification and Environmental Specifications
9-Jul-04; 92K
Terry Cobb Systimax
TSB-155 Draft 1.0 Additional Guidelines for 4-pair 100 Ω Category 6 Cabling and Link Segment Specifications
13-Jul-04; 153K
Chris DiMinico MC Communications
10GBASE-T Cabling Recommendations
14-Jul-04; 76K
Alan Flatman Independent
PHY based cable diagnostics definitions
10-Jul-04; 111K
Hugh Barrass Cisco
Auto-negotiation for 10GBASE-T
11-Jul-04; 361K
Eric Lynskey UNH IOL
Document: Management and Auto-negotiation
11-Jul-04; 37K
Eric Lynskey UNH IOL
PHY PMA electrical specs baseline proposal for 802.3an
13-Jul-04; 273K
Sandeep Gupta Teranetics
ANEXT reduction by correlative coding for 10GBASE-T
10-Jul-04; 439K
Tetsuya Higuchi AIST
Structured Low-Density Parity-Check Codes: Algebraic Constructions
9-Jul-04; 1770K
Shu Lin UC Davis
Performance evaluation of low latency LDPC code
17-Jul-04; 38K
Katsutoshi Seki NEC Electronics
THP As A Companion To LDPC
19-Jul-04; 267K
Amir Mezer Intel
10GBASE-T PAM Scheme: Proposed Overall Architecture
12-Jul-04; 580K
Scott Powell Broadcom
10GBASE-T PAM Scheme: Fixed Precoder for all Cable Types and Lengths
11-Jul-04; 411K
Gottfried Ungerboeck Broadcom
LDPC 4D-PAM8 proposal for 10GBASE-T
12-Jul-04; 2488K
Sailesh Rao Phyten Technologies
LDPC-PAM12 PHY proposal for 10GBASE-T
12-Jul-04; 374K
Jose Tellado
Katsutoshi Seki
NEC Electronics


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