July 2005 Plenary Week
P802.3an Task Force Meeting

July 19 - 21, 2005
San Francisco, CA

Document Presenter(s) Representing
11-Aug-05; 2530K
Approved Minutes
2-Aug-05; 18K
George Eisler SolarFlare
Agenda and General Information
15-July-05; 129K
Brad Booth Intel
Analysis of comments on D2.1
18-July-05; 203K
Sanjay Kasturia Teranetics
TIA TR-42 Liaison Letter to IEEE 802.3
14-May-05; 96K
TIA TR-42 Liaison Presentation to IEEE 802.3
11-July-05; 86K
Valerie Rybinski TIA TR-42
TSB-155 Draft 2.0 (password protected)
18-May-05; 1937K
ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10 Draft 2.0 (password protected)
18-May-05; 2238K
IEEE Editor's Mandatory Editorial Coordination
14-July-05; 32K
Comments received on D2.1 (sorted by comment #)
16-July-05; 356K
Comments received on D2.1 (sorted by clause #)
16-July-05; 253K
Responses to comments received on D2.1 (sorted by comment #)
1-Aug-05; 373K
Responses to comments received on D2.1 (sorted by clause #)
1-Aug-05; 373K
Draft liaison letter to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25/WG 3
27-Jul-05; 8K
Draft liaison letter to TIA TR-42
27-Jul-05; 8K
Impedance Balance
11-July-05; 75K
Terry Cobb Systimax
10GBASE-T Supported Cabling
11-July-05; 28K
Alan Flatman Independent
Comments of Draft 2.1
14-May-05; 114K
Brett McClellan SolarFlare
10GBASE-T Immunity to Pulse Interference: DSQ vs 12PAM
19-July-05; 62K
Albert Vareljian KeyEye
10GBASE-T Transmitter PSD
19-July-05; 206K
Bill Woodruff Aquantia
Figure based on comment
16-July-05; 9K
Larry Cohen Independent
Concerns on FTP Cabling
15-July-05; 265K
Richard Mei Systimax


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