March 2005 Plenary Week
P802.3an Task Force Meeting

March 15-17, 2005
Atlanta, GA

Document Presenter(s) Representing *updated*
29-Mar-05; 4340K
Unapproved Minutes *new*
29-Mar-05; 27K
Agenda and General Information
20-Mar-05; 191K
Brad Booth Intel
ISO/IEC SC25/WG3 Meeting Report
17-Mar-05; 29K
Alan Flatman Independent
Editor's Report
20-Mar-05; 129K
Sanjay Kasturia Teranetics
Comments received on D1.4
12-Mar-05; 101K
Responses to D1.4 comments *updated*
29-Mar-05; 131K
Draft ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25/WG 3 liaison letter
20-Mar-05; 8K
Draft TIA TR42 liaison letter
20-Mar-05; 9K
Category 6 Cabling Alien Crosstalk Requirements
14-Mar-05; 326K
Jan Alexander Nexans
Programmable THP Analysis and Implementation
11-Mar-05; 194K
Kishore Kota
Pedro Reviriego
Document: A Review of PS AELFEXT Physical layer specifications for 10GBASE-T Draft 1.4
11-Mar-05; 23K
Henriecus Koeman Fluke
10GBASE-T Cable characteristics, front-end solutions, and precoders
14-Mar-05; 2087K
Gottfried Ungerboeck Broadcom
Proposal for Alien Equivalent White Noise Level
11-Mar-05; 300K
Bill Jones SolarFlare
Proposal for Modified Upper PSD Mask
11-Mar-05; 106K
Luc Adriaenssens Systimax
Power Backoff
15-Mar-05; 1146K
George Zimmerman SolarFlare
Study of PBO Policies Based on Receiver Power
12-Mar-05; 190K
Bijit Halder Plato Networks


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