IEEE P802.3aq 10GBASE-LRM Task Force
January 2005 meeting

January 24-26, 2005
Vancouver, Canada

Last meeting's minutes   40 KBAbhijit Shanbhag
Meeting Minutes   68 KBJohn Oberstar et al.
Opening remarks and agenda   94 KB
Editor’s report   29 KBNick Weiner
Closing remarks/motions/report   107 KB

Compressed file of currently available files   2.3 MB   revised 16 Feb 05


Report from Task 1, channel model   8 KB
Richard Penty
University of Cambridge

Report from TP2 calls   99 KB
Tom Lindsay and 13 others
ClariPhy and others

Report from TP3 Conference Calls
20 KB   revised 24 Jan 05

Jim McVey and more than 20 others
Finisar and others

IEEE 802.3aq Channel model ad hoc Launch study Summary of progress   44 KB
Jonathan King and six others
Big Bear and others
Fiber and launch

PIE-D statistics Comparison Between Averaged Mode and Individual Mode Computation Method   363 KB
Yu Sun and five others
Optium and others

FDDI Channel Modeling: understanding OM1 & OM2 fiber distributions   222 KB
John Abbott
Corning Incorporated

PIE-D Analysis of 1998 FDDI Fibers   886 KB
Kasyapa Balemarthy, Ketan Patel, Stephen Ralph, Yi Sun, George Oulundsen, Robert Lingle, Jr., John George
Georgia Institute of Technology, OFS

Variation of PIE-D in multimode fibre   279 KB
Julia Shaw, David Cunningham, Simon Meadowcroft
Agilent Technologies

Comparison of vortex launch condition   64 KB
Adam Fedor, Jim Morris
Digital Optics

PIE Metric Simulations vs. Launch Condition   83 KB
John Ewen, Jonathan Ingham, Richard Penty, Ian White
JDSU, University of Cambridge

Draft Launch Recommendations options for Table 68-3   14 KB
Jonathan King
Big Bear

MATLAB code for TWDP   Proposed resolution for comment #109   113 KB
Tom Lindsay

Transmitter Preemphasis: An Easier Path to 99% Coverage at 300m?   339 KB   revised 24 Jan 05
Lew Aronson, Jim McVey, The-Linh Nguyen

TP3 Stress Test – IPR selection   111 KB
Sudeep Bhoja
Big Bear

TP3 - ISI Generator Block for Stressed Sensitivity Test   76 KB
Petre Popescu, Sudeep Bhoja, Lew Aronson
Quake Technologies, Big Bear Networks, Finisar

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