IEEE P802.3aq 10GBASE-LRM Task Force
March 2005 meeting

March 15-17, 2005     Atlanta, GA

Last meeting's minutes   68 KBJohn Oberstar et al.
Meeting Minutes (unapproved)   160 KBJohn Dallesasse
Opening remarks and agenda   114 KB   added 11 March 2005David Cunningham
Editorís report   31 KB   revised 15 March 2005Nick Weiner
Comments files
Closing remarks/motions/report   87 KB   added 17 March 2005David Cunningham

Compressed file of currently available files in this directory   6.4 MB   as at 11 March 2005


Report from TP2 calls   95 KB
Tom Lindsay and 18 others
ClariPhy and others

10GBASE-LRM Interoperability & Technical Feasibility Report   518 KB
Sudeep Bhoja and nine others
Agilent and Big Bear Networks
Transmitter testing

The TWDP test applied to 10GBASE-LR optics
699 KB

Jan Peeters Weem and Pete Kirkpatrick
Receiver testing

Towards a Comprehensive Stressed Receiver Tester and TWDP Assessment
672 KB

Aeneas Massara, Piers Dawe, David Cunningham
Agilent Technologies

TP3 Stressed Receiver Test System Progress Report   1.4 MB
Jim McVey and Lew Aronson
Channel, fiber and connectors

Analysis of 1998-99 FDDI fibers for PIE-D and "DMD BW"   1.8 MB
John Abbott
Corning Incorporated

Essential Changes to Monte Carlo Model   642 KB
John Abbott
Corning Incorporated

TP3 ISI Parameter Selection Methodology   311 KB
John Ewen and 14 others
JDSU and 10 others

Finite Equalizer Performance for TP3 Stressed Sensitivity Test on Gen67YY   884 KB
Robert Lingle, Jr., Kasyapa Balemarthy, Stephen Ralph
OFS, Georgia Institute of Technology

How many connections for 10GBASE-LRM?   39 KB
Piers Dawe and nine others
Agilent and seven others

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