IEEE P802.3aq 10GBASE-LRM Task Force
May 2005 meeting

May 17-19, 2005     Austin, TX

Last meeting's minutes   160 KBJohn Dallesasse
Meeting Minutes (unapproved)   57 KBVivek Telang
Opening remarks and agenda   249 KB   revised 18 May 05
Editorís report   35 KBNick Weiner
Comments files
Closing remarks/motions/report   ? KB   not yet

Compressed file of currently available files in this directory   1.2 MB   as at 12 May 2005


TP2 Conference Call Summary   81 KB
Tom Lindsay and 22 others
ClariPhy and others

Report from TP3 Conference Calls 8 KB
Jim McVey and 22 others
Finisar and others

A New Approach to Measure TX Signal Strength and Penalty   171 KB
Norman Swenson and Tom Lindsay
Receiver 1

Gaussian noise loading for TP3 comprehensive Rx test   164 KB
Tom Lindsay

Noise Load for Comprehensive Receiver Test   56 KB
Albrecht Rommel

Calibration of ER for TP3 stress tests   123 KB
Tom Lindsay

Modification of Comprehensive Stressed Receiver Sensitivity and Overload Test for Verification of Equalizer Adaptation Times   434 KB
John Dallesasse

Dynamic RX Test Justification   207 KB
Paul Kolesar
Receiver 2, channel, general

Analysis of TP3 Candidate Stressor Sets   205 KB
Robert Lingle, Jr., Kasyapa Balemarthy, Stephen Ralph
OFS, Georgia Institute of Technology

Stressors Selection, Coverage and Reach Requirements   34 KB
Albrecht Rommel

The need for a robust 10GBASE-LRM Standard   132 KB
Steve Swanson

Scaling LRM Length to Match PIE-D Capability & Failure Rate Using FDDI Gen67 Fiber Set   56 KB
John Abbott

Effect of 1355nm Source on LRM Length/PIE-D/%failure tradeoffs   152 KB
John Abbott

Installed Base Coverage Deficiencies and Remedies for 10GBASE-LRM   30 KB
John George

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