IEEE P802.3aq 10GBASE-LRM Task Force
November 2004 meeting

November 16-18, 2004
San Antonio, Texas

Last meeting's minutes   Revised 16 Nov 04   104 KB
Meeting Minutes   40 KB   added 24 Jan 05
Opening remarks and agenda   15 Nov 04   86 KB
Editorís report   Nick Weiner   25 Nov 04   42 KB
Closing remarks/motions/report   26 Nov 04   108 KB

Compressed file of currently available files   9.5 MB   revised 15 Nov 04

Report from Task 1, channel model   ? KB
Richard Penty
University of Cambridge

Task 2, November Update   Time variation and modal noise study   156 KB
Jonathan King and 19 others
Big Bear and others

Experiments on time-variation due to polarization and MMF shaking and results   702 KB
Jonathan King
Big Bear

Detailed Study on Impulse Response Fluctuation Induced by Polarization Variation   1.3 MB
Ketan M Patel, Stephen E. Ralph, Yi Sun, Robert Lingle, Jr.
Georgia Institute of Technology, OFS

Improvements to Modal Noise Penalty Calculations   574 KB
Petar Pepeljugoski

Report from Task 4 Group   142 KB
Yu Sun and 24 others
Optium and others

Variation in Multimode Fiber Response: Summary of Experimental Results   304 KB
Joerg-R. Kropp and Jens Fiedler

Observed Variation of Received Waveforms in Multimode Fibre: Due to polarization, mechanical stress and wavelength changes   525 KB
Simon Meadowcroft and David Cunningham
Agilent Technologies

Report from TP2 calls
92 KB

Tom Lindsay and 12 others
ClariPhy and others

Conceptual relationships among TP2 & TP3 tests, and budget   136 KB
Tom Lindsay
ClariPhy Communications

Signal Metrics for 10GBASE-LRM
206 KB

Piers Dawe, John Ewen, Abhijit Shanbhag
Agilent, JDSU, Scintera

TP2 Eyes and Penalties - Preliminary -
3.1 MB

Tom Lindsay
ClariPhy Communications

Test time metrics for TP2 waveforms
206 KB

Greg Lecheminant
Agilent Technologies

Alternative Proposal For TP2 Testing IEEE 802.3aq Interim Meeting   12 Nov 04   470 KB
Jan Peeters Weem and Pete Kirkpatrick

Report from TP3 Conference Calls
80 KB

Mike Lawton and 19 others
Agilent and others

Fiber Modeling Resolution and Assumptions: Analysis, Data, and Recommendations   1.4 MB
Kasyapa Balemarthy and seven others
Georgia Tech, OFS, Corning, Systimax

Monte Carlo update: PIE metric results, further benchmarking to fiber data   567 KB
John Abbott and six others
Corning Incorporated, OFS, Systimax, Draka

Updated Results of PIE Metrics Calculations   261 KB
Yu Sun

108-Fiber & Gen54YY Delay Sets: Comparison with Spreadsheet Model   182 KB
John Ewen and ten others
JDS Uniphase and seven others

PIE Metric Comparison: 108-Fiber & Monte Carlo Delay Sets   90 KB
John Ewen and nine others
JDS Uniphase and six others

10GBASE-LRM Specification Philosophy   154 KB
Paul Kolesar

Comments on presentation by Kasyapa Balemarthy et al.: "Fiber modeling resolution and assumptions: analysis, data, and recommendation"   9 KB
Jonathan Ingham, Richard Penty and Ian White
University of Cambridge

Comments on presentation by John Abbott et al.: "Monte-Carlo update, PIE metric results, further benchmarking to fiber data"   432 KB
Jonathan Ingham, Richard Penty and Ian White
University of Cambridge

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