IEEE P802.3aq 10GBASE-LRM Task Force
November 2005 meeting

November 15-18, 2005     Vancouver, Canada

Last meeting's minutes   530 KBJonathan King
Meeting minutes   51 KB   not in zip fileRobert Lingle, Jr.
Opening remarks and agenda   ? KB
Editorís report and comment resolution agenda   31 KB   not in zip fileNick Weiner
Comments files
Closing remarks/motions/report   74 KB   not in zip file

Compressed file of currently available files in this directory   1.4 MB  to 15 Nov 05

10GBASE-LRM Interoperability Report with supplementary material   242 KB
Jim McVey and 15 others
Finisar, Agilent, Big Bear Networks, Intel

Split Symmetric Test   175 KB
Jonathan King
Big Bear Networks

Revised OM2 Monte Carlo modeling set   338 KB
John Abbott

Issues with LRM OM3 Monte Carlo modeling set.   145 KB
John Abbott

LRM Requires Comprehensive Jitter Tolerance for Interoperability   677 KB
Ali Ghiasi

Analysis of connector losses and correlation with dispersion penalties   132 KB
Tom Lindsay, Paul Voois, John Ewen, Mike Dudek, Jonathan King, Petar Pepeljugoski
Clariphy, JDSU, Picolight, BigBear, IBM

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