IEEE P802.3aq 10GBASE-LRM Task Force
September 2004 meeting

September 27-28, 2004

Meeting Minutes   104 KB   revised 18 Oct 04
Meeting Agenda   14 KB   added 25 Sept 04
Opening remarks   125 KB   added 25 Sept 04
Editor’s report - 802.3aq Task Force meeting, 28th September 2004, Ottawa   Nick Weiner   24 KB   added 28 Sept 04

Compressed file of currently available files (some files updated after zip file)   5.9 MB  revised 27 Sept 04 (3)

Channel Ad Hoc Report
124 KB   added 24 Sept 04

Ian White
Cambridge University, Channel ad hoc

Channel Modelling Ad Hoc Task 1 – Static Channel Model
433 KB   revised 25 Sept. 04

Richard Penty and 18 others
Cambridge University and others

Task 2 update: Time variation and modal noise study
66 KB

Jonathan King and 19 others
Big Bear and others

FDDI Channel Modeling: Comparison of data sets
1151 KB   revised 27 Sept 04

John Abbott
Frank Achten
Paul Kolesar
John George and George Oulundsen

Corning Incorporated

DMD simulations based on scaled/non-scaled index profiles and comparison with Cambridge model results
918 KB

Gary Shaulov
Yu Sun

RSoft Design Group

Preliminary results of PIE metrics calculation (Task 4 Fiber Models Channel Ad Hoc Report)   525 KB   revised 27 Sept 04
Yu Sun and 13 others
Optium and eight others

Channel Metric Results for OM3 Fibers at 1300nm
229 KB   revised 27 Sept 04

Sudeep Bhoja
Petar Pepeljugoski
John Ewen

Big Bear Networks
JDS Uniphase

ad hoc report on TP2 conference calls
54 KB  revised 25 Sept 04

Tom Lindsay
ClariPhy Communications

A new TP2 test and specification framework for LRM
154 KB  revised 25 Sept 04

Tom Lindsay and 12 others
Ten companies per presentation

EDC Performance Versus Relaxed Transmitter Specifications
828 KB  added 27 Sept 04

Martin Lobel

Comparison of EDC-Enabled Link Performance using Measured Waveforms from 2.5G and 10G Lasers
253 KB  revised 13 Oct for 27 Sept 04

Norman Swenson, Paul Voois,
Dubravko Babic

Etanvie Technologies

PIE Metrics & Mask Testing
237 KB   revised 27 Sept 04

John Ewen
JDS Uniphase

Report from Conference Calls on TP3 Specification
19 KB   revised 27 Sept 04

Mike Lawton and 25 others
Agilent Technologies and others

Task 2: TP3-ISI Generator Block for Stressed Sensitivity Test
194 KB

Petre Popescu and four others
Quake Technologies and four others

Task 2: TP3-Temperature impact on channel model
51 KB

Petre Popescu and five others
Quake Technologies and five others

TP3 "3-impulse" test proposal
80 KB

Ben Willcocks and Nick Weiner

Towards 300m & Beyond with 10GBASE-LRM: Experimental Demonstrations on Technical Feasibility
598 KB   updated 28 Sept 04

Qian Yu and Venu Balasubramonian

10GBASE-LRM over 300m of FDDI-grade Fiber - Experimental & Simulation Results
591 KB   updated 28 Sept 04

Jonathan King and Sudeep Bhoja
Big Bear Networks

Proposed Functional Additions to Support Receiver Eye Characterisation
212 KB   added 28 Sept 04

Tom Waschura
Synthesys Research

TP2 and TP3 progress and Proposals for Areas of Consensus
105 KB   updated 28 Sept 04

Lew Aronson

Polarization Effect in 10GbE Transmission over Multimode GI-Fiber   Application to 10GBASE-LRM
1.4 MB   added 28 Sept 04

J.-R. Kropp, S. Bottacchi, J. Fiedler

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