IEEE 802.3 Management Registration Arcs

The 802.3 Working Group Chair, David Law, is the Registration Authority controlling the allocation of the arcs (object identifier values) for IEEE 802.3 Management Objects.

Registration arcs are not allocated for new IEEE 802.3 Management Objects within a draft until the draft reaches the Sponsor Ballot stage. Until the Sponsor Ballot stage all new arcs within a draft standard will appear in the format:-


where branch_name and leaf_name are as defined for the new Managed Object.

The Registration Authority maintains a document recording the allocation and revision of arcs for IEEE 802.3 Management Objects including arcs in drafts currently at the Sponsor Ballot stage.

Note - In the event of conflict between IEEE Std 802.3 and the above document the IEEE 802.3 standard contains the normative requirements.

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Last Update: 16 Mar 11

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