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[BP] Proposed responses to Draft 3.0 comments posted

Title: Proposed responses to Draft 3.0 comments posted


The editorial team has prepared proposed responses to comments received against the IEEE P802.3ap/D3.0 initial sponsor ballot draft. The comment reports have been posted to the meeting materials web site.

Remember that these proposed responses are recommendations by the editor, and may be modified through the discussion of the ballot resolution group at the interim meeting next week. Please review the editors' recommendations in preparation for those discussions.

Also, as customary, we will explicitly consider only technical (type T or TR) comments over the course of the meeting next week. Other comments will be left to the discretion of the editor. However, if you note a comment that it not labelled T or TR, but would like its response to be considered at next week's meeting, please notify the chief editor, Ilango Ganga, and we will add those comments to the list the be considered.

Finally, recall that we are scheduled to meet Monday through Wednesday next week. We will be being promptly at 9 am Monday morning. The schedule for the remainder of the week will be adjusted, as necessary, over the course of the meeting.

Thank you,

Adam Healey
Chair, IEEE P802.3ap Task Force