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[BP] P802.3ap/D3.2 ballot results and comment resolution meeting


The Sponsor ballot recirculation on P802.3ap/D3.2 closed with the approval rate increasing to 92%.  There were valid new comments submitted thus requiring a comment resolution meeting.  A possible comment resolution meeting was previously announced for Tuesday, January 16 for this purpose.  Teleconference participation will be allowed for this meeting with details to be announced in early January.

Proposed responses to all comments will be posted to the P802.3ap Backplane Ethernet Task Force web pages prior to the meeting.  It is expected that the comment resolution can be completed in two or three hours.  If you desire to participate, please reserve the morning (PST) of January 16 pending announcement of a specific starting time.  We will have a meeting room in Monterey for those that will be attending the 802.3 interim meetings on that date.

My apologies to those that receive this message multiple times.

Bob Grow
Chair, IEEE 802.3