IEEE P802.3bn Task Force

EPON Protocol over Coax (EPoC)

Baseline Proposals

# Features Details Motion Reference File(s)
19-21 March 2013
1 TDD MPCP Approve garavaglia_3bn_02a_0313 as a baseline for EPoC TDD MPCP, Clause 103. See
Motion 8
15-17 May 2013
2 64b/66b Encoder and Decoder Move to:
- Adopt hajduczenia_3bn_04_0513.pdf (content of subclauses and as baseline for draft for 64b/66b encoder and decoder processes, respectively.
- Sync header truncation (in Tx direction) before the encoder and expansion (in the Rx direction) after the decoder.
Motion 3
3 Tx/Rx Idle Deletion/Insertion Move to adopt hajduczenia_3bn_01_3bn_0513.pdf (content of subclauses and as baseline for draft for Tx Idle Deletion and Rx Idle Insertion functions, respectively. See
Motion 7
hajduczenia_3bn_01_0513.pdf (P)
4 Tx Idle Insertion Move to adopt garavaglia_3bn_02a_0513.pdf (content of sub-clause 102.2.2) as baseline for the draft for Tx Idle Insertion at MPCP Multiple Control Multiplexer. See
Motion 8
16-18 July 2013
5 Cyclic Prefix baseline text Adopt solomon_3bn_02b_0713.pdf as baseline text. See
Motion 12
6 Downstream Pilots Adopt EPoC downstream continuous pilots as presented in "EPoC Downstream Pilot Proposal" ( kliger_3bn_02a_0713.pdf ) as a baseline proposal. See
Motion 13
3-5 September 2013
7 TDD downstream data detector Adopt shellhammer_3bn_03_0913.pdf slides 5-11 as the baseline for the TDD downstream data detector. See
Motion 4
12-14 November 2013
8 Downstream PMD Electrical Adopt rahman_saif_3bn_02_1113.pdf as baseline proposal for PMD Downstream Electrical Input/Output. See
Motion 6
9 CNU Upstream TX Adopt kliger_3bn_01a_1113.pdf slide 5 as a baseline proposal for CNU upstream Tx. See
Motion 10
10 Burst Markers Adopt rahman_syed_3bn_01_1113.pdf as the baseline proposal for burst markers. "Power boosting for Burst Marker sequences" section is removed and T.B.D. See
Motion 12
11 Clause 102 Issues Solutions Adopt changes proposed in remein_3bn_06_1113.pdf "Cl-102 Issues and Solutions" slides 14-18 & 20-21 and incorporate into the draft. See
Motion 16
12 PHY Link baseline Accept remein_3bn_07_1113.pdf and remein_3bn_08_1113.pdf as PHY-Link baseline material and incorporate into the draft. Include PLC material extracted from laubach_3bn_04c_1113.pdf All material goes into the new PHY-Link Clause. See
Motion 17
22-24 January 2014
13 MDIO Register baseline material Accept as baseline material the MDIO Registers outlined in remein_3bn_06_0114.pdf slides 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 and incorporate into the draft. See
Motion 4
13-15 January 2015
14 Upstream symbol mapper baseline Move to adopt laubach_3bn_05a_0115.pdf and laubach_3bn_06_0115.pdf as baseline starting point for upstream symbol mapper. See
Motion 3

Note P: these file are available under the P802.3bn private area.

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