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P802.3bn EPoC PHY Task Force
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Meeting Material
January 23-25 2013, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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All files (zipped) 23.6MB
Title Size Author(s) Affiliation
23-25 January 2013 TF meeting minutes - approved
Previous: (Rev 01a PDF)
(Rev 01 PDF)
227kB Duane Remein,
Mark Laubach
Meeting Agenda rev 01c (approved 1/23-24/13) 402kB Mark Laubach Broadcom
13-15 November TF meeting minutes (unconfirmed) 236kB Victor Hou,
Mark Laubach
TDD sub-Task Force agenda for 1/24/13 268kB Steve Shellhammer Qualcomm
Ad Hoc and Sub-Task Force Reports
Channel Model ad hoc report 466kB Duane Remein Huawei
Evaluation Criteria and Requirements ad hoc report (rev 01b)
Previous: (rev 01a, 442kB PDF)(rev 01, 406kB PDF)
471kB Steve Shellhammer Qualcomm
MMP ad hoc report 451kB Jorge Salinger Comcast
PHY Link ad hoc report 147kB Ed Boyd Broadcom
RF Spectrum ad hoc report 376kB Steve Shellhammer Qualcomm
TDD sub-Task Force closing report 290kB Steve Shellhammer Qualcomm
PHY sub-Task Force closing report 136kB Mark Laubach Broadcom
Presentations (sorted by first author last name then title)
Delay / Jitter Performance (rev 01a)
Previous: >(rev 01 545kB - PDF)
545kB Ed Boyd Broadcom
EPoC rate hierarchy and rate adaption 608kB Eugene Dai Cox
Data Rate Adaptation for EPoC (baseline proposal) (rev 01a)
Previous: (rev 01 478kB - PDF)
478kB Andrea Garavaglia,
Patrick Stupar,
Marek Hajduczenia
Qualcomm, ZTE
Previous: (rev 02 492kB - PDF)
494kB Andrea Garavaglia,
Patrick Stupar
Multiple Modulation and Coding (rev 03b)
Previous: (rev 03a 934kB - PDF)(rev 01 934kB - PDF)
938kB Andrea Garavaglia,
Nicola Varanese
Channel Model Update (rev01a)
Previous: (rev 01 1.9MB - PDF)
2.0MB Rob Howald,
Duane Remein,
Saif Rahman,
Hal Roberts
OFDM Numerology
Tool: CP Overhead Worksheet (rev 01 xlxs zip'd) (under Tools)
850kB Avi Kliger,
Rich Prodan
Proposal for PHY Signaling (rev 01a)
Previous: (rev 01 792kB - PDF)
813kB Avi Kliger,
Rich Prodan,
Tom Kolze
Comments on Task Force Progress and Scope 118kB Mark Laubach Broadcom
OFDM TX Symbol shaping (rev 01a)
Previous: (rev 01 567kB, PDF)
567kB Leo Montreuil,
Tom Kolze,
Rich Prodan
OFDM Numerology 707kB Christian Pietsch Qualcomm
EPoC System Level Synchronization Transport (rev 01a)
Previous: (rev 01 554kB - PDF)
546kB Bill Powell Alcatel
Method to reduce DS jitter in EPoC 262kB Duane Remein,
Hesham ElBakoury
Multiple Modulation Profiles in the Upstream (rev 01a)
Previous: (rev 01 382kB - PDF)
679kB Hal Roberts,
Eugene Dai
Calix, Cox
Channel Bonding 1.6MB Steve Shellhammer,
Patrick Stupar,
Andrea Garavaglia,
Nicola Varanese,
Christian Pietsch
MMP tool for capacity and gain analysis
Tool: MMP exel spreadsheet (rev 01a xlxs zip'd) (under Tools)
John Ulm Motorola
PHY Link 846kB Nicola Varanese Qualcomm
Best Effort Presentation Requests
Downstream FEC Proposal for EPoC 286kB Thushara Hewavithana Intel
MMP in EPoC How Hard Can it be? 243kB Marek Hajduczenia ZTE
LDPC FEC Proposal For EPoC 557kB Richard Prodan Broadcom

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