Last update (pacific):  7/17/13 4:22 AM
IEEE P802.3bn EPoC Task Force Wednesday, 17 July 2013 Length  Start Time Notes
Christian Pietsch and Stefan Brueck Qualcomm EPoC FEC for passive coax plants 0:30 8:00 AM pietsch_3bn_01_0713.pdf
Rich Prodan, BZ Shen Broadcom EPoC FEC for active coax plants 0:45 8:30 AM prodan_3bn_01a_0713.pdf
Syed Rahman Huawei Burst Marker Detection Rate in EPoC                                    0:30 9:15 AM rahman_syed_3bn_01_0713.pdf
Duane Remein, Pan Dao                Huawei EPoC ICI analysis 0:30 9:45 AM remein_3bn_01_0713.pdf
Break     0:15 10:15 AM  
PHY Link ad hoc start   0:00 10:45 AM  
Mark Laubach Broadcom opening comments 0:10 10:45 AM  
BZ Shen, Avi Kliger, Rich Prodan Broadcom PHY Link Channel FEC 0:30 10:55 AM shen_3db_01_0713.pdf
Leo Montreuil, Avi Kliger, Rich Prodan, Christian Pietsch, Nicola Varanese Broadcom, Qualcomm PLC preamble proposal  0:30 11:25 AM montreuil_3bn_01_0713.pdf
Avi Kliger, Rich Prodan, Christian Pietsch, Nicola Varanese Broadcom, Qualcomm Information Carried by the PLC 0:30 11:55 AM kliger_3bn_01b_0713.pdf
ad hoc closing  discussion   0:45 12:25 PM  
lunch     1:00 1:10 PM  
TDD sub-Task Force  start   0:00 1:30 PM  
Steve Shellhammer Qualcomm Opening 0:10 1:30 PM  
Steve Shellhammer Qualcomm TDD Cycle 0:30 1:40 PM shellhammer_3bn_03_0713.pdf
ad hoc closing discussion   0:30 2:10 PM  
RF Spectrum ad hoc   0:45 2:40 PM  
Steve Shellhammer Opening   0:10 3:25 PM  
Mark Laubach Broadcom EPoC RF Spectrum for FDD 0:20 3:35 PM laubach_3bn_01_0713.pdf
ad hoc closing discussion discussion and straw polls 1:00 3:55 PM  
Mark Laubach Broadcom Daily Summary, potential motions 0:30 4:55 PM  
Recess IEEE Task Force meeting until 8AM Thursday 0:00 5:25 PM