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P802.3bn EPoC PHY Task Force
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Meeting Material
November 13-15 2012, San Antonio, Texas, USA
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All files (zipped) 18.8MB
Title Size Author(s) Affiliation
13-15 November TF meeting minutes (approved 1/23/13) 231kB Victor Hou,
Mark Laubach
13-15 November TF meeting minutes (unconfirmed) 236kB Victor Hou,
Mark Laubach
Agenda and General Information (Approved 13 Nov 2012) 756kB Mark Laubach Broadcom
28-29 October TF meeting minutes (Approved - 13 Nov 2012)
Previous: (unconfirmed minutes)
238kB Duane Remein,
Mark Laubach

Reports from ad hoc committees:
ad hoc report: PHY Link 101kB Ed Boyd Broadcom
ad hoc report: Channel Model 478kB Duane Remein Huawei
ad hoc report: Evaluation Criteria and Requirements
Previous: (01, 471kB)
471kB Steve Shellhammer Qualcomm
ad hoc report: RF Spectrum
Previous: (01, 548kB)
548kB Steve Shellhammer Qualcomm

Presentations: sorted by presenter last name:
Bonding at the PHY Layer 58kB David Barr Entropic
Upstream Mapping 322kB Ed Boyd Broadcom
Multiple downstream profile implications 499kB Ed Boyd Broadcom
Choice of Modulation Profiles for EPoC
Previous: (01, 1458kB)
982kB Eugene Dai,
Marek Hajduczenia
Cox Communications,
Adaptive Modulation and Coding
Previous: (01, 371kB)
541kB Andrea Garavaglia,
Juan Montojo
Further Details on TDD
Previous: (01a, 205kB),(01, 204kB)
205kB Andrea Garavaglia Qualcomm
EPoC PHY and MAC proposal 520kB Marek Hajduczenia ZTE
MAC Efficiency Issues
Previous: (01 - 257kB)
268kB Marek Hajduczenia ZTE
PHY Link Up 361kB Avi Kliger Broadcom
On the complexity of PHY Bonding
of Multiple 192 MHz channels
331kB Avi Kliger Broadcom
IEEE P802.3bn architecture update
Previous: (01, 197kB)
190kB David Law,
Ed Boyd,
Juan Montojo,
Marek Hajduczenia
Bright House Networks Downstream SNR
Characterization (DOCSIS Carriers)

Previous: (01, 968kB)
967kB Ed Mallette Brighthouse Networks
OFDM Numerology 691kB Christian Pietsch,
Juan Montojo
Efficiency 311kB Duane Remein Huawei
Homeworx Lessons. Subtitle: What can we learn
from the first deployment of OFDMA on HFC?

Previous: (01a, 539kB),(01, 731kB)
539kB Hal Roberts Calix
Possible Deployment and Growth Scenarios for EPoC
Previous: (01, 464kB)
459kB Jorge Salinger,
Matt Schmitt
Motivations for Investigating Multiple MCS for EPoC
693kB Matt Schmitt,
Jorge Salinger
Channel Bonding Sublayer
Previous: (01a, 104kb),(01, 103kB)
104kB Steve Shellhammer Qualcomm
Feature Matrix and Specification impact 312kB Patrick Stupar,
Andrea Garavaglia,
Juan Montojo
PHY Link 524kB Nicola Varanese Qualcomm

Presentations: best effort
Power Saving Objective for EPoC 287kB Marek Hajdczenia,
Mike Bennett
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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