IEEE P802.3bn
EPON Protocol over Coax (EPoC)
Procedure for Presenters

Updated: 10/2/2013

Deadline for Submitting Presentations and Requesting Agenda Time

  • The presenter shall request time by two Fridays preceding the meeting (AoE).
  • Requests shall be submitted by sending an email to the chair. The presenter shall provide the following information:

    • Name of individual presenter(s) and their affiliation(s).
    • Title of presentation
    • Length of time requested (Include time for questions and answers, please try to target 30 minutes. If longer, please consider breaking into separate presentations to assure topic coverage and adequate Q&A time.)
    • Brief description of topic (Include one to three sentences describing presentation. This will be used to help aid in agenda ordering and grouping.)
    • Track: Please indicate preferred group or sub-group for this presentation:
      • "Main": in full Task Force session
      • "PHY": in the PHY sub-Task Force session (only)
      • "TDD": in the TDD sub-Task Force session (only)
      • ad hoc committee name: Eval, RFspectrum, PHYlink, ChannelModel, or MMP

  • If the "requesting presentation time" deadline is missed, time will be provided on a best-effort basis following the completion of the regular agenda (or as deemed appropriate by the chair). Presentations that were requested on time, but submitted after the submission deadline will be considered before late presentation requests.

Presentation Style Guidelines

  • Failure to meet guidelines may result in a loss of requested presentation time.
  • Presentations must be submitted in PDF format.  Neither the chair nor the Web Master will convert presentations to PDF format.  Presentations not in PDF format will be returned.
  • Title page (first page) includes names of individual author(s) and affiliation(s).
    • Note: presentations are authored by a single individual or multiple individuals, not by groups or organizations
  • Page (slide) numbers on every page (slide).
  • Avoid graphic intensive backgrounds or other decorative graphics.
  • No animations, audio clips, video clips, etc.
  • Presentation should be less then 1.4 MB.
  • No marketing pitches, product pitches or corporate pitches.
  • No pricing or costs are permitted. Relative costs are permitted (i.e. option 1 is 3x the cost of option 2).
  • No ASPs are permitted. Historical relative ASPs, based on public sources, are permitted, but no forward-looking relative ASPs are permitted.
  • No company copyright or confidentiality statements.  All presentations are posted to a publicly available web site.  If the presentation is not ready for public disclosure, then it should not presented.
  • To support the web site search tool used by the IEEE P802.3 web site the 'Document Information' fields of the PDF file must be completed as follows:

    • Title :- Title of presentation
    • Author :- List of names of author/authors organized by (Affliation), comma separated.
      • e.g. First Last (Affiliation)
      • e.g. First1 Last1, First2 Last2 (Affiliation1), First3 Last3 (Affiliation2)
    • Subject :- IEEE P802.3bn EPON Protocol over Coax (EPoC) Task Force

Naming Conventions for filenames for interims and plenary meetings

Format: lastname_3bn_nnr_mmyy.pdf, where:
  • lastname is the last name of first author / presenter
  • nn is the number of presentation for this author for this date, "01", "02", etc.
  • r is the revision number of work, first edition is absent, then "a", "b", "c", etc.
  • mmyy where mm is the two-digit month, yy is the two-digit year for the intended meeting, e.g. "0313".

Submitting a Presentation

  • The presenter shall submit a PDF, soft-copy version of the presentation, by e-mailing it to the chair. This shall be done by TUESDAY of the week preceding the meeting for publication to the IEEE P802.3bn EPON Protocol over Coax (EPoC) Task Force website. The PDF Document Properties should also follow the Presentation Guidelines as described above:

    • PDF files need to be submited in a read/write form.
    • Document Properties -> Security set to "No Security".
    • Document Properties -> Description should be filled out as per above instructions.
    • Document Properties -> Keywords should contain the file name in conventional format (see above).
    • Document Properties and Metadata must contain no copyright or restrictive notices.

  • If the "presentation submission" deadline is missed, time will be provided on a best-effort basis following the completion of the regular agenda (or as deemed appropriate by the chair). A PDF, soft-copy version of the presentation shall be made available to the chair prior to the beginning of the presentation.

Revising a Submitted Presentation (New Section)

In general, revisions to previously publicized documents may be accommodated if there are no objections from the Task Force. When posted, the revision is indicated by an increment in the previous revision number in the base document name; i.e. 01 -> 01a, 03b -> 03c, etc. (See above under Naming Conventions.)

Revisions need to be made available to the Task Force with sufficient time for review before socialization and discussion.

Authors / Presenters should generally adhere to the following marking and procedures:

  • All changes in the revision should be indicated clearly to the reader. For example:
    • Use of color highlighting and labeling, and/or
    • Use of underscore for new text, strikethrough for removal of previous text, and/or
    • Editorial notes on a slide page: "new page", "figure updated".
    • etc.
At a formal face to face meeting or during an informal meeting (e.g. conference call), authors / presenters will be asked to go over each individual change.

Submitting a Revised documents

Contains IEEE Copyright material or work product? Website Area How to inform Task Force
No Public Should be sent to the EPoC reflector by the author / presenter and/or as posted and announced by Chair in response to a formal Call for Presentations.
(e.g., draft content)
Private Send to Editors and Chair. Will be uploaded to the website and made available via an HTML web page and announced.

NOTE: Revisions will be posted to the EPoC web site only as time permits.

Document Information Fields

The 'Document Information' fields in a PDF file can be entered as follows:

  • Adobe Acrobat: Either use the menu options: 'File' > 'Document Info' > 'General' or the shortcut CTRL-D.
  • Adobe PDFWriter: When the 'Save PDF File As' dialog appears hit the 'Edit Document Info.' button, enter the information, and then hit the 'OK' button.

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