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P802.3bn EPoC PHY Task Force
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Meeting Material
Week of 02 Sep 2013, York, England, UK
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Draft Agenda (3-day meeting):  Tuesday 2nd    Wednesday 3rd    Thursday 4th 

All public files (zipped) 8.8MB
Title Size Author(s) Affiliation
3-5 September 2013 TF meeting minutes (approved 12 Nov 2013)
3-5 September 2013 TF meeting minutes (unconfirmed)
246kB Duane Remein,
Mark Laubach
16-18 July 2013 TF meeting minutes (rev 01a)(unconfirmed)
Previous: (rev 01 PDF unconfirmed)
229kB Duane Remein,
Mark Laubach
Meeting Agenda
347kB Mark Laubach Broadcom
Work Items for November 2013 (rev 01a)
Previous: (rev 01 PDF)
160kB Mark Laubach Broadcom
Sub-Task Force and ad hoc Reports, Editor's Presentations
Opening report: TDD sub-Task Force
238kB Steve Shellhammer Qualcomm
Opening report: RF Spectrum ad hoc report
237kB Steve Shellhammer Qualcomm
Opening report: Combined PHY sub-groups 84kB Mark Laubach Broadcom
Editors update(s)
0kB Duane Remein Huawei
Clause 101 status update 101kB Marek Hajduczenia ZTE
Presentations (sorted by first author last name then title)
The feasibility study on higher frequency band for EPoC downstream (rev 01a)
Previous: (rev 01 PDF)
251kB Naoki Agata,
Keiji Tanaka
FEC Encoding Writeup (rev 01a)
Previous: (rev 01 PDF)
260kB Marek Hajduczenia ZTE
Downstream PHY High Level Block Diagram Starting Point (rev 01a)
Previous: (rev 01 PDF)
69kB Avi Kliger,
Mark Laubach (presenter)
PHY Checklist Update 126kB Mark Laubach Broadcom
Cable Channel and Noise Characteristics- Simulation and Impact on Bit-loading (rev 01a)
Previous: (rev 01 PDF)
204kB Haleema Mehmood Huawei, Stanford University
Performance analysis of EPoC FEC for passive coax plants (rev 01a)
Previous: (rev 01 PDF)
795kB Christian Pietsch,
Stefan Brueck,
Steve Shellhammer (presenter)
Encoding/Decoding Scheme to Achieve Standard Compliant Mean Time to False Packet Acceptance (rev 02a)
Previous: (rev 02 PDF)
467kB Rich Prodan,
BZ Shen,
Mark Laubach
Evaluation of Proposed FEC Codes for EPoC 2.2MB Rich Prodcan,
BZ Shen
Update on Burst Marker detection in EPoC 273kB Syed Rahman,
Sunfang lin
EPoC PHY Link 859kB Duane Remein Huawei
PHY Discovery 590kB Duane Remein Huawei
PHY Link Baseline Starting Point 520kB Duane Remein Huawei
PHY Link Draft (rev 03a) (P)
Previous: (rev 03 PDF) (P)
390kB Duane Remein Huawei
Data Detector for TDD Downstream 651kB Steve Shellhammer,
Andrea Garavaglia
Correction on one LDPC code for Active plant 194kB BZ Shen Broadcom

Note P: these file are available under the P802.3bn private area.

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