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IEEE P802.3bp RTPGE Task Force
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January 2014 Meeting Material
January 21 - 23, 2014, Indian Wells, CA
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All files (zipped) 5.8MB//23-January-14
Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation
meeting minutes (unconfirmed) 1.7-MB/23-January-14 Dave Dwelley Linear Technology
Agenda and General Information 113KB//21-January-14 Steve Carlson High Speed Design, Inc./Marvell/Broadcom
Past PHY Naming: Some Thoughts 98KB/23-January-14 David Law H-P
  RTPGE-PODL OVERLAP 136KB/21-January-14 Dave Dwelley Linear Technology
RTPGE TRANSIENT NOISE MEASUREMENTS AND MODELING BASED ON ISO 7637-3 736KB/21-January - 14 Ahmad Chini  Mehmet Tazebay Broadcom
Modulation Schemes Link Budget Analysis under BCI Interference for RTPGE 437KB/21-January-14 Benson Huang, Albert Kuo Realtek
Analysis of EMC Performance vs. Modulation Schemes 885KB/21-January-14 Shaoan Dai Marvell
Comparison of PAM-N for RTPGE 335KB/21-January-14 Xiaofeng Wang Qualcomm
  RTPGE Performance Evaluation Under BCI TEST 185KB/21-January-14 Xiaofeng Wang Qualcomm
IEEE 802.3bp Alien crosstalk measurements 615KB/21-January-14 Thomas Müller Stephan Kunz Gunnar Armbrecht Rosenberger
Reduced Twisted Pair Gigabit Ethernet EMC & Noise Ad Hoc Report 304KB/23-January-14 Mehmet Tazebay
Stefan Buntz
EMC-Noise Ad Hoc F2F Meeting: RTPGE EMC Issues and Future Directions 155KB/23-January-14 Will Bliss
Mehmet Tazebay Ahmad Chini
Multi-vendor PHY Consensus Group Update 138KB/23-January-14 Mehmet Tazebay Broadcom
On behalf of Multi-vendor PHY Consensus Group
DRAFT P802.3bp Modified PAR 8KB/22-January-14 David Law
Steve Carlson
HSD on behalf of the TF
DRAFT Objectives Change 13KB/22-January-14 Steve Carlson HSD on behalf of the TF
  IEEE 802.3bp RTPGE FEC Contribution 527KB/22-January-14 Tom Brown Vitesse

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