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IEEE P802.3bp 1000BASE-T1 Task Force
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July 2014 Meeting Material
July 14-17, San Diego, CA USA
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All files (zipped)allfiles.zip 8MB/4-September-2014
Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation
meeting minutes (unconfirmed) 1.5MB/23-July-14 Curtis Donahue UNH-IOL
Agenda and General Information 615KB/14-July-14 Steve Carlson HSD/Marvell/Broadcom/Huawei
  P802.3bu PoDL Liaison Response - Answer To PoDL Questions 93KB/22-July-14 Xiaofeng Wang
Vijaya Ceekala
Texas Instruments
Channel Definitions Ad Hoc Report 265KB/14-July-14 Chris DiMinico
Mehmet Tazebay
MC Communications
  EMC Ad Hoc Report - 802.3bp 1000BASE-T1 EMC & Noise Ad Hoc Report 149KB/15-July-14 Mehmet Tazebay
Stefan Buntz
Daimler AG
Encoder / FEC / PAM3 Proposal 684KB/14-July-14 William Lo Marvell
  On Symbol Mapping For 1000BASE-T1 146KB/14-July-14 Xiaofeng Wang Qualcomm
Auto-Negotiation Status Update 332KB/15-July-14 William Lo Marvell
  Training & EEE Proposal 414KB/14-July-14 William Lo Marvell
Updates to PAM3 Mapping for 802.3bp 768KB/14-July-14 Zhenyu Liu Marvell
Line Code and FEC Performance 1.05MB/14-July-14 Zhenyu Liu Marvell
  Effect of Scrambling Choices on 1000BASE-T1 Emission 196KB/14-July-14 Ahmad Chini Broadcom
  A Baseline Proposal for 1000BASE-T1 Mapping and FEC 340KB/14-July-14 BZ Shen Broadcom
EEE Proposal for 1000BASE-T1 338KB/22-July-14 Jim Graba Broadcom
  1000BASE-T1 PHY Synchronization Method & Start-up Process and Link Failure Case Analysis 319KB/14-July-14 Peiqing Wang
Mehmet Tazebay
802.3bp Baseline Optional Link segment 140KB/23-July-14 Chris DiMinico MC Communications/Panduit
  IEEE 1000BASE-T1 Connector vibration test results 140KB/14-July-14 Thomas Müller Simon Huber
Christian Maier
  Industrial Automation IoT Market 106KB/22-July-14 David Brandt
Cliff Whitehead
Rockwell Automation
  TX-PSD Mask proposal for 1000BASE-T1 17KB/4-September-14 Mehmet Tazebay Broadcom
  802.3bp 1000BASE-T1 PHY Ad Hoc F2F Meeting Update 164KB/4-September-14 Mehmet Tazebay Broadcom

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