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IEEE P802.3bp 1000BASE-T1 Task Force
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March 2015 Meeting Material
March 9 - 10, Berlin, DE
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All files (zipped) 3.2MB/11-March-2015
Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation
meeting minutes (unconfirmed) 1.2MB/11-March -15 Brett McClellan Marvell
Agenda and General Information 108KB/8-March-15 Steve Carlson HSD/Marvell/Broadcom/Bosch
Editor's Report D1.3 160KB/6-March-15 Marek Hajduczenia Bright House Networks
  Updates to proposed responses to comments #192, #187, #188, #18 102KB/6-March-15 Marek Hajduczenia Bright House Networks
  1000BASE-T1 Registers Proposed Text 120KB/3-March-15 William Lo
Brett McClellan
  Synchronization State Machine Modification 574KB/3-March-15 William Lo Marvell
  Updated TX PSD Figure 97-28 71KB/4-March-15 Ahmad Chini Broadcom
  Proposed baseline texts for 1000BASE-T1 PMD sub clauses 113KB/10-March-15 Ahmad Chini Broadcom
Proposed PCS Text for tx_mode=SEND_S 180KB/5-March-15 Mike Tu Broadcom
  Proposed Text and Figures for Clause 97.1 163KB/6-March-15 Alon Regev
Brett McClellan
  Common problem for 100BASE-T1,1000BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-RH 48KB/9-March-15 Bob Grow RMG Consulting/KDPOF
  DRAFT Proposed Changes, Clause 22,33,34,35 145KB/9-March-15 Bob Grow RMG Consulting/KDPOF
  SEND_S text proposal 163KB/10-March-15 Brett McClellan Marvell
  P802.3bu PoDL Report 544KB/10-March-15 Dave Dwelley Linear Technology

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