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IEEE P802.3bp 1000BASE-T1 Task Force
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November 2015 Meeting Material
November 9th - 12th, Dallas, TX
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All files (zipped) 1.5MB/5-December-2015
Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation
meeting minutes (unconfirmed) 276KB/5- December 2015 Dale Amason Freescale
Agenda and General Information 269KB/9-November-2015 Steve Carlson HSD/Marvell/Broadcom
  Liaison from PoDL to 1000BASE-T1 (Tuesday following PoDL conclusion) 50KB/5-December-2015 Dave Dwelley Linear Technology
  Alien Crosstalk Noise Level for 1000BASE-T1 545KB/28-October-15 Ahmad Chini
Mehdi Kilani
  MDI Mode Conversion Limit for 1000BASE-T1 321KB/9-November-15 Ahmad Chini
  Comparison of link Type A and Type B specifications 230KB/9-November-15 Matthias Fritsche
Dieter Schicketanz
Harting Electronics
Reutlingen University

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