IEEE 802.3 Gigabit Ethernet Over Plastic Optical Fiber Task Force Public Area

July 2015 Waikoloa, Big Island Hawaii Plenary Meeting

Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation
All files (zipped) 11.9MB/Jul-2015
Agenda & Opening Presentation 714kB/Jul-2015 Bob Grow RMG Consulting/KDPOF
Approved Minutes 33KB/Sep-2015 Bob Grow RMG Consulting/KDPOF

Meeting presentations:

OAM Task Force comments preview 2.1MB/Jul-2015 802.3 bv Task Force --
LPI Task Force comments preview 4MB/Jul-2015 802.3 bv Task Force --
Clause 45 Task Force comments preview 2.8MB/Jul-2015 802.3 bv Task Force --
Draft 1.1 comment responses 75KB/Jul-2015 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF

Draft comments support documents:

Wakeup/Sleep timing of AFBR-59F3Z 312KB/Jul-2015 Volker Goetzfried Avago
Comments to Draft 1.1 - Sumitomo 24KB/Jul-2015 Hayato Juki Sumitomo
EAF Figures from FFP measurement 370KB/Jul-2015 Volker Goetzfried Avago
FOT wake-up and sleep diagrams 104KB/Jul-2015 Volker Goetzfried Avago
Clause 45 and OAM proposal 312KB/Jul-2015 David Ortiz KDPOF
64B/65B formal definition modification 2KB/Jul-2015 David Ortiz KDPOF
EEE for GEPOF 761KB/Jul-2015 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF
GEPOF general block diagram modification 32KB/Jul-2015 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF
Interface to PMD proposal 186KB/Jul-2015 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF
EAF specification proposal 48KB/Jul-2015 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF
New description of THP protocol 343KB/Jul-2015 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF
Proposed responses to comments on D1.1 from Yuki - Sumitomo 32KB/Jul-2015 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF

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