IEEE 802.3 Gigabit Ethernet Over Plastic Optical Fiber Task Force Public Area

May 2015 Pittsburgh Interim Meeting

Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation
All files (zipped) 5.7MB/May-2015
Agenda & Opening Presentation 713kB/May-2015 Bob Grow RMG Consulting/KDPOF
Approved Minutes 64KB/May-2015 Volker Avago

Meeting presentations:

PMD AD-Hoc update 182/May-2015 Naoshi Serizawa Yazaki
PMD comment text 141kB/May-2015 Task Force -----
Proposal for optical test requirements 794kB/May-2015 Volker Goetzfried Avago Technologies
AD-HOC call 24-05-2015 presentation with specification proposal 160kB/Apr-2015 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF

Co-Located PMD Ad Hoc presentations:

PMD AD-Hoc memo
PMD AD-Hoc memo_correction
230KB/May-2015 Naoshi Serizawa Yazaki
Launch condition at TP2 1.1MB/May-2015 Satoshi Takahashi POF Promotion
High Temp Fibre attenuation 218KB/May-2015 Tsukamoto Yoshihiro Mitsubishi Rayon

Draft comments support documents:

Definitions 104kB/May-2015 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF
Delay constraints 119kB/May-2015 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF
Energy Efficient Ethernet 494kB/May-2015 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF
Functional block diagram 32kB/May-2015 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF
PMD interface 313kB/May-2015 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF
MDIO management 180kB/May-2015 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF
OAM channel 394kB/May-2015 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF
PMD sublayer 559kB/May-2015 Bob Grow
Ruben Perez-Aranda
RMG Consulting/KDPOF
Test Modes 207kB/May-2015 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF
D1.0 Equations 137kB/May-2015 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF
D1.0 Figures 64kB/May-2015 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF
Proposal for signal quality indicator 97kB/May-2015 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF

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