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Wednesday 9:00 am
Agenda, General Information, Task Force Introduction 1,7 MB / September 10, 2014 Thomas Hogenmüller Robert Bosch
Auto-Negotiation Consideration under 1TPCE 155 kB/ September 10, 2014 William Lo Marvell
Robustness of Claus-73-based Autoneg Signaling Under Noisy Conditions 548 kB/September 9, 2014 Mike Tu Broadcom
Recap from RTPGE: Use Case & Requirements For IEEE802.3 RTPGE 282 kB/May 15, 2012 Thomas Hogenmüller et al Robert Bosch et al
Recap from RTPGE: Requirements Update for IEEE802.3 RTPGE 65 kB/July 17, 2012 Helge Zinner et al Continental et al
A Review of Automotive EMC Environment & Tests 3.2MB / September 9, 2014 Stefan Buntz, Mehmet Tazebay Daimler, Broadcom
Automotive Fault Condition 197 kB /September 9, 2014 Natalie Wienchowski General Motors
Wednesday 1:30 pm

Momentary PoDL Connector and Cable Shorts (link to IEEE802.3bp, same presentation)

396KB/ September 4, 2014 Andy Gardner Linear Technology

Contribution: Physical Layer Specification and Managment Parameters for 100 Mb/s Operation over a Single Balanced Twisted Pair Cable (100 BASE- T1)

Introduction, Discussion, Comments and Resolving

605 kB/August 26, 2014 Howard Frazier


Thursday 9:00 am
Working on Draft Standard      


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