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[802.3_NGEPON] FW:


Forwarding this post-deadline submission to the reflector to allow time
for preview. I will ask chair's approval to add this to the agenda

Thank you,

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Sent: Monday, January 22, 2018 3:11 PM
To: glen.kramer@xxxxxxxx; c.knittle@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Presenter = Glen Kramer
Affiliation = Broadcom
SenderEmail = glen.kramer@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Title = Data Rate to Line Rate Conversion
Summission = New_contribution
Description = This is a post-deadline contribution to help understand the
issues being solved in gao_3ca_1_0118.pdf and in kramer_3ca_1_0118.pdf. If
accepted, it should be presented after agenda item 6.
Time = 15 min

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