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[802.3_CU4HDD] [IEEE 802.3 CU4HDD] - Presentations for Interim, and more...

CU4HDD Task Force:

If you have a presentation to show at the Task Force Comment Resolution session in Fort Worth, please send that to me before UTC-6 on Sunday.
That will allow me to post the presentation on the 802.3cb page for everyone's preview, before our meeting on Thursday, 15-Sep-2016.

A reminder: The Comment Resolution meeting for the Task Force, will begin on Thursday at promptly 9:00 AM, local time. We will break for lunch and then work until no later than 6:30 PM.
Friday, we will reconvene and work to probably 3 PM, local time, to allow people to catch flights that evening.

Anyone who is on this reflector, and has comments requiring explanation for proper resolution (the tougher ones), we encourage you to attend on Thursday (or Friday), to help us resolve any difficult issues appropriately. We will try to accommodate your presence if you only have a short time slot to give us, trying to take immediate action to help things along in a timely fashion. Your preparation before that meeting is greatly appreciated. We welcome and thank you for helping us.

Dan Smith
Affiliation: Seagate Technology
Chairman, IEEE P802.3cb Task Force