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[802.3_CU4HDD] [IEEE 802.3 CU4HDD] - November Plenary Week - Task Force Meeting Decision

CU4HDD Task Force:

I sent a reflector message earlier, stating that we would meet Monday afternoon of Plenary week and then full days Tuesday and Wednesday, if we need them.
But... it has been brought to my attention that it makes more sense to begin on Tuesday, for a full day, then again on Wednesday, for as long as we need, and then Thursday morning, if tasks stretch out. This would allow people to attend the Closing Plenary, or bug out, getting home sooner, if they already fulfilled 75% attendance.

But, since I already sent this, and haven't looked at this for a few days (I'm supposed to be on vacation for 2 weeks), it's maybe too late for those of you who have already made your travel plans.

Here's what I propose as an alternative, and this will have to remain final, at this point. (Warning: Advance Registration closes on Friday.)
We will definitely meet Tuesday and Wednesday, with the expectation of 2 full days. Those who can arrive on Monday, or who are already there for other reasons, can join us for a Task Force meeting on Monday afternoon, to get things started. If there's too few or no quorum, then we wait until Tuesday morning at 9:00 am, local time. Then we will meet again on Thursday morning at 9:00 am, if the need arises. Those who want to participate in Closing Plenary can attend, vote, and leave whenever. Those who attended Opening Plenary on Monday can bug out Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning.

Sorry for the confusion but this fell in the cracks of my vacation and response from Task Force members. Either way we do this, the Comment Resolution should get finished and we can vote for a re-circulation of Draft 2.1 at the end of Plenary week. If you have tremendous heartburn over this meeting scheduling, please get back to me ASAP. We may be restricted to the Monday-Wed option because of room allocation, but I will have to hear from Steve Carlson in that regard.

Thanks for your patience.

Dan Smith
Affiliation: Seagate Technology
Chairman, IEEE P802.3cb Task Force