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[802.3_CU4HDD] [IEEE 802.3 CU4HDD] - Ad Hoc Call Announcement for Thursday, 3-Nov-2016

CU4HDD Task Force:
There will be an Ad Hoc call this Thursday, at the regular time, with the following agenda:

* Continuation of comment resolution fro Draft 2.0

This is our last Ad Hoc call before the Plenary meetings next week. We will try to complete these resolutions and vote to approve them all at the F2F Task Force meetings in San Antonio. There is still a lot of outstanding work (discussions/decisions, not editing) that we need to get behind us. If we can't do that, then this will extend into January before we can issue the first  recirculation with Draft 2.1. Let's try our best.

Also, late in coming, the Draft 2.0, with editing up to this point, will be posted today, on the Private page. If you have questions about how a comment revised the draft, please download that version, probably labelled Draft 2p0p2, which will increment, ad infinitum. Consider what you find there as our the master fro Draft 2p1. Use it for review purposes. I will upload D2p0p2 today, probably in several hours.  Of course, any comment resolution still points back to Draft 2p0 which is already on the Private page (8023cb_D2p0.pdf). Just use the new, intermediate version for talking purposes and to see how the editing is coming along (thank you Jim Hatfield!). We have about 42 more items to edit, out of 356, so this is getting close. We just need FINAL, FINAL information, to cross the finish line. Thanks all for your effort.

Webex details can be found at this link:

Dan Smith
Affiliation: Seagate Technology
Chairman, IEEE P802.3cb Task Force