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[802.3_CU4HDD] [IEEE 802.3cb - 2.5G and 5G Backplane] - Contingient Interim Teleconference Call, 4-May-2017

802.3cb Task Force:

Please take note of the attached, official notice below, announcing the first teleconference-allowed, Contingent Interim meeting for 802.3cb on May 4, 2017.
The start times for the meeting are listed in the official announcement. 

We will use the 802.3cb Ad Hoc teleconference details, shown on our Ad Hoc page. Go to the Main page (<click here), then the Ad Hoc page. The conference call link is at the top of the Ad Hoc page.


This call is the first of its kind for 802.3. All motions and voting will be allowed on this teleconference call, without physical presence being required. This is an officially sanctioned event, having been approved at the March, 2017 Working Group, Plenary meeting.

You must be an 802.3 voter in good standing to vote on this call. We will be taking role and establishing voting rights, when the call begins. If you do not have 'current' voting rights, you are still welcome to participate on the call, but without a vote. The important aspect is that we conduct business and resolve comments, with motions and votes to move the Draft forward. 

All participants must register in advance of the meeting, by sending an email to the 802.3cb Task Force chairman. This will be used to establish voting rights and also determine teleconferencing needs for the call. 

The current recirculation ballot will close, hours before the meeting, due to unforeseen issues to get Draft 2.4 finalized and released, delaying the start of the current recirculation. This means we must use the allotted time wisely, to achieve comment resolution. We do not anticipate difficult comments from recirculation #4 but may have to deal with some. Further complication will result for the recirculation #5 schedule, leading up to the May Interim in New Orleans, if we do not complete business on this call. Let's do our best to make this work smoothly. And please be prompt, by logging onto the call a few minutes early. The teleconference will become active, 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the call.

If you have any further other questions, please contact me well in advance of the meeting.

Thank you for your participation.

Dan Smith
Seagate Technology
802.3cb Task Force Chairman
720-684-2018 (office/voicemail)

----- Official 802.3 Notice Below -----

Steven B. Carlson 

to STDS-802-3