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[802.3_CU4HDD] [IEEE 802.3cb - 2.5G and 5G Backplane] - Ad Hoc Call Announcement for Thursday, 19-Oct-2017

802.3cb Task Force:

There will be an Ad Hoc call this Thursday, at the regular time.
Conference Call/Webex & Voice detail is found on the Ad Hoc page.


* Further discussion on the 1000BASE-X vs,.2.5GBASE-X SFD alignment issue

* Continue review of Yong Kim's document found on the Ad Hoc page (802.3cb_PCS_compatibility_to_1000BASE-X_V2-1.pdf)

Please review the minutes from 5-Oct and 12-Oct if you are unfamiliar with the on-going discussion.

Thank you for your participation.

Dan Smith
Affiliation: Seagate Technology
Chairman, IEEE P802.3cb Task Force