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[802.3_CU4HDD] [IEEE 802.3cb - 2.5G and 5G Backplane] - Contingent Interim Teleconference, Monday, 18-Dec-2017

802.3cb Task Force:

The Contingent Interim Teleconference is Monday, 18-Dec-2017, at 0700. Pacific time, USA.
The teleconference details can be found on the Ad Hoc page. If you are not a regular attendee of the 802.3cb Ad Hoc calls, please contact the chairman (shown below) to notify him of your intention to join.

* Comment Resolution of Sponsor Ballot Recirculation #2 comments

We currently have 65 comments against D3.2, for which the ballot has not closed yet during recirculation #2. You can find those comments for your review on the
Comment page, under Sponsor Ballot Recirculation #2.

The draft can be found on the Sponsor Ballot page as draft D3.2, named, 8023cb_D3p2_20171130_1453.pdf. (Also found on our Private page.)
The comments stated above can be compared directly to this draft document.
If you have difficulty locating any of this documentation, please contact the chairman.

Thank you for your participation.

Dan Smith
Affiliation: Seagate Technology
Chairman, IEEE P802.3cb Task Force