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[802.3_CU4HDD] [IEEE 802.3cb - 2.5G and 5G Backplane] - Ad Hoc Call CANCELLED until further notice

802.3cb Task Force:

We had a successful Task Force meeting during the Pittsburgh Interim.
We only had 2 comments that were resolved and a vote to approve the liaison letter that we crafted to the ITU, which requested a copy of our draft.

We will make the necessary comment edits and begin the next recirculation following the 14-Jun release of the main spec (802.3cf) to RevCom.
The choice was made to hold up on an immediate start of recirculation #5 to allow the main spec to clear RevCom first, as we become the first amendment to that version of the base spec.

Therefore, we do not need to meet until right before the July Plenary, to discuss any new comments that may come in during recirculation #5. 
Hopefully we achieve a clean slate, with no new technical comments, and we can vote to move our draft to RevCom at the July Plenary WG meeting.

As we approach that point in time, I will send out a reflector message with an update of what is occurring in Sponsor Ballot.
At this point, consider all Ad Hoc calls cancelled until further notice.

Thank you for your participation.

Dan Smith
Affiliation: Seagate Technology
Chairman, IEEE P802.3cb Task Force

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