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[802.3_25GSMF] FW: 802.3cc-2017 Approval Notification



P802.3cc has now received formal approval as a new standard.  Congratulations to everyone that helped deliver the final document!


I look forward to seeing any of you that will be in Geneva in January.


All the best,

Dave Lewis



From: Law, David [mailto:dlaw@xxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, December 07, 2017 5:48 AM
To: David Lewis <David.Lewis@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Adam Healey <adam.healey@xxxxxxxxxxxx> <adam.healey@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: FW: 802.3cc-2017 Approval Notification


Hi David,


Just as a FYI please find the formal IEEE P802.3cc approval notification below.


Best regards,




From: Karen Evangelista [mailto:k.evangelista@xxxxxxxx]
Sent: 07 December 2017 13:45
To: david_law@xxxxxxxx
Cc: James P. K. Gilb <gilb@xxxxxxxx>; Jonathan Goldberg <goldberg.j@xxxxxxxx>; Kim Breitfelder <k.breitfelder@xxxxxxxx>; Michelle Turner <m.d.turner@xxxxxxxx>; Catherine Berger <berger.catherine@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: 802.3cc-2017 Approval Notification


7 December 2017

David Law,

cc: James Gilb, C/LM Sponsor

Jonathan Goldberg, Program Manager

Kim Breitfelder, Director, Content Production and Management


RE:  NEW P802.3cc (C/LM)  IEEE Draft Standard for Ethernet Amendment: Physical Layer and Management Parameters for Serial 25 Gb/s Ethernet Operation Over Single-Mode Fiber


Dear David,

I am pleased to inform you that P802.3cc was approved as a new standard by the IEEE-SA Standards Board on 6 December 2017. A copy of the document
will be forwarded to the Standards Publications Department. The editor assigned to work on the project will contact you.


Please visit Next Step Kit  to understand what to expect between the SASB approval of your standard and its publication.


An approved IEEE standard will remain active for ten years. If the Sponsor does not complete a revision process within ten years, the
standard will be transferred to inactive status.


Please contact me if you have any questions prior to speaking with
your editor.



Karen M. Evangelista

Program Manager, IEEE-SA Governance

IEEE Standards Association

445 Hoes Lane

Piscataway, NJ 08854-4141 USA