IEEE 802 P802

IEEE P802.3cc 25 GbE over Single-Mode Fiber Task Force

 Plenary Meeting Material
July 2017, Berlin, Germany

Meeting Materials

Agenda and General Information
   10-Jul-17 (952k)
David Lewis Lumentum
IEEE 802.3 Opening Report
   07-Jul-17 (292k)
David Lewis Lumentum
IEEE 802.3 Closing Report
   13-Jul-17 (122k)
David Lewis Lumentum
Chief Editor's Report (updated with edits from meeting)
   10-Jul-17 (315k)
Kohichi Tamura Oclaro
Ad Hoc Chair's Report
   08-Jul-17 (430k)
Peter Jones Cisco
   10-Jul-17 (243k)
David Lewis Lumentum
Approved Meeting Minutes
   10-Jul-17 (400k)
Kenneth Jackson Sumitomo
Comments # r01-9, r01-10. 802.3cc Proposed changes for MPI penalty
   07-Jul-17 (446k)
David Lewis Lumentum
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