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[802.3_YANG] Questions on pause frames and priority-flow-control


In the process of trying to figure out the best way to model auto-negotiation, flow control, and pfc; I have a few questions that I need an 802.3 expert to help me with please :-)

1. Can auto-negotiation negotiate pfc settings, or only PAUSE frame based fc? I see that some Cisco devices seem to be able to negotiate pfc, but my reading of 802.3-2015 seems to indicate that auto-neg only discusses pause based fc.

2. Should pfc frames be counted in the ingress/egress PAUSE frame counters? Or are PAUSE vs PFC counters entirely separate?

3. Does MPCP interoperate with flow-control? Or if MPCP is in play then does that mean that PAUSE and PFC are both off?