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[802.3_YANG] 802.3 cf draft timeline re YANG doctor review

Hi Yan, all,

One consideration that I would like to bring up in the discussion on the draft timeline would be a "YANG doctors" review of the models that we are producing.

For those that don't know, the YANG doctors are a group of folks in IETF that cross review YANG models picking up on any issues before they get published. More details on:

Mahesh is a YANG doctor, so it may be that is sufficient and that we don't want/need a formal separate review. Alternatively, we may wish to ask the YANG doctors if they are willing to assign someone completely independent for a fresh pair of eyes. This might be worth a short discussion on Monday if there is time.

But my main point is that if we do want a formal review from a YANG doctor then we should decide when would be the best time in our schedule, and also to ask them early on if they would be willing to do this.