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Re: [802.3_YANG] Comparing MIB, YANG Ethernet statistics against clause 30.

Updated version attach to fix typo on clause 30 registers for out-multicast-pkts and out-broadcast-pkts, rows 29 and 30.


On 24/02/2017 20:39, Robert Wilton wrote:

I put a spreadsheet together to compare the various Ethernet related counters that I propose being modeled in YANG, and how they relate back to the various MIBs and clause 30, using some of the knowledge already in 802.3.1.

In pulling this together, I think that this highlights some counters that I propose modelling in YANG (and have modeled in various MIBs) that are not defined in clause 30 and I think that we should consider adding them:

The counters that don't appear to be defined in clause 30 are:
 Row 17: In PFC frames (used in  ETHERLIKE MIB dot3HCInPFCFrames)
 Row 18: Out PFC frames (used in ETHERLIKE MIB dot3HCOutPFCFrames)
Row 19: Total Octets received (good & bad) (used in RMON MIB etherStatsOctets) Row 25: Frames dropped as being too short. (combined value of two RMON MIB counters (etherStatsUndersizePkts + etherStatsFragments))

Perhaps we could discuss whether it would be appropriate to add them on Monday?


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