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[802.3_YANG] EPON YANG module (ieee802-ethernet-pon.yang)

Dear colleagues,


I am in the process of developing the YANG module for EPON, as attached. Before this code is posted on GIT, I wanted to share the module for review purposes. This module imports latest ieee802-ethernet-interface.yang and ieee802-ethernet-interface-legacy.yang modules from GIT (saved on 2017/03/15).


Note that the syntax is YANG 1.0 compatible. I did not notice any changes in ieee802-ethernet-interface.yang and ieee802-ethernet-interface-legacy.yang as far as 1.0 and 1.1 syntax is concerned (apart from explicit yang-version 1.1 statement). I am not sure whether the modules should be developed going forward for backward compatibility (1.0 compatible) or not (1.1 onwards). Something to bear in mind going forward …


I would also like to understand *how* we comment on existing modules – given that this is code, it would make most sense to share new proposed updated module and delta from last stable version, or generate delta using some text editors otherwise? I am looking for a suggestion of a commenting process that would work best for people looking at it in detail …





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