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[802.3_YANG] Overlap between BBF and 802.3 YANG

Hi William,

I'm not sure whether you are already aware, but there is an 802.3 YANG project in progress (802.3cf), which is covering basic Ethernet interface YANG, Power Ethernet, EPON, and perhaps Link OAM (802.3ah OAM (EFM)).

In the 802.3 YANG Task Force meeting today, Duane raised the question of potential overlap between some of the BBF OAM YANG models and the work being done in 802.3. In particular, I think that the question of BBF PON YANG modules came up and whether that overlaps with the EPON YANG.

Duane was planning on looking at the potential overlap a bit more closely. Who do you think would be the best contact on the BBF side? And would a formal liaison be useful/required?

Kind regards,