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Re: [802.3_YANG] Open questions for discussion

Hi Yan, all,

In case it helps, I have generated initial NMDA complaint versions of both ieee802-ethernet-interfaces.yang and ieee802-ethernet-interface-legacy.yang.

These are on the 8023YangDesignTeam/EthernetYang github project on the NMDA branch in the standard/ieee/802.3/draft directory.

I also spent some time syncing the 8023YangDesignTeam project with the parent YangModels/yang github project.  I may have accidentally re-introduced some models in standard/ieee/802.3/draft that perhaps are not meant to be there.  Let me know if I need to remove any.

Combined tree output of the interface and interface-legacy YANG NMDA YANG models:

module: ieee802-ethernet-interface
  augment /if:interfaces/if:interface:
    +--rw ethernet
       +--rw auto-negotiation
       |  +--rw enable?               boolean
       |  +--ro negotiation-status?   enumeration
       +--rw duplex?                         duplex-type
       +--rw speed?                          eth-if-speed-type
       +--rw flow-control
       |  +--rw pause
       |  |  +--rw direction?    pause-fc-direction-type
       |  |  +--ro statistics
       |  |     +--ro in-pkts-pause?    yang:counter64
       |  |     +--ro out-pkts-pause?   yang:counter64
       |  +--rw pfc {ethernet-pfc}?
       |  |  +--rw enable?       boolean
       |  |  +--ro statistics
       |  |     +--ro in-pkts-pfc?    yang:counter64
       |  |     +--ro out-pkts-pfc?   yang:counter64
       |  +--rw force-flow-control?   boolean
       +--ro max-frame-length?               uint16
       +--ro macc-extension-control?         boolean
       +--ro frame-limit-slow-protocol?      uint32
       +--ro capabilities
       |  +--ro auto-negotiation?                         boolean
       |  x--ro eth-old:dynamic-rate-control-supported?   boolean {dynamic-rate-control}?
       +--ro statistics
       |  +--ro frame
       |  |  +--ro in-total-pkts?                 yang:counter64
       |  |  +--ro in-total-octets?               yang:counter64
       |  |  +--ro in-pkts?                       yang:counter64
       |  |  +--ro in-multicast-pkts?             yang:counter64
       |  |  +--ro in-broadcast-pkts?             yang:counter64
       |  |  +--ro in-error-fcs-pkts?             yang:counter64
       |  |  +--ro in-error-undersize-pkts?       yang:counter64
       |  |  +--ro in-error-oversize-pkts?        yang:counter64
       |  |  +--ro in-error-mac-internal-pkts?    yang:counter64
       |  |  +--ro out-pkts?                      yang:counter64
       |  |  +--ro out-multicast-pkts?            yang:counter64
       |  |  +--ro out-broadcast-pkts?            yang:counter64
       |  |  +--ro out-error-mac-internal-pkts?   yang:counter64
       |  |  x--ro eth-old:csma-cd {csma-cd}?
       |  |     x--ro eth-old:in-errors-sqe-test?              yang:counter64
       |  |     x--ro eth-old:out-pkts-collision-single?       yang:counter64
       |  |     x--ro eth-old:out-pkts-collision-multiple?     yang:counter64
       |  |     x--ro eth-old:out-pkts-deferred?               yang:counter64
       |  |     x--ro eth-old:out-pkts-collisions-excessive?   yang:counter64
       |  |     x--ro eth-old:out-collisions-late?             yang:counter64
       |  |     x--ro eth-old:out-errors-carrier-sense?        yang:counter64
       |  |     x--ro eth-old:collision-histogram* [collision-count]
       |  |        x--ro eth-old:collision-count         yang:counter64
       |  |        x--ro eth-old:collision-count-pkts?   yang:counter64
       |  +--ro phy
       |  |  +--ro in-error-symbol?   yang:counter64
       |  |  +--ro lpi
       |  |     +--ro in-lpi-transitions?    yang:counter64
       |  |     +--ro in-lpi-time?           decimal64
       |  |     +--ro out-lpi-transitions?   yang:counter64
       |  |     +--ro out-lpi-time?          decimal64
       |  +--ro mac-control
       |     +--ro in-pkts-macc-unknown?      yang:counter64
       |     +--ro in-pkts-macc-extension?    yang:counter64
       |     +--ro out-pkts-macc-extension?   yang:counter64
       x--rw eth-old:dynamic-rate-control?   dynamic-rate-control-type {dynamic-rate-control}?


On 01/09/2017 03:28, Zhuangyan (Yan) wrote:

Dear colleagues,


According to the call discussion on Monday, we think it would be good to bring the questions to the list and ask for more review and comments.


1.       Ask for review on Ethernet Link OAM module

Based on feedbacks from July meeting, we have prepared a mapping table between Ethernet Link OAM module and managed objects/attributes from 802.3 Clause 30, together with some texts which is mainly based on what we have in IEEE 802.3.1 spec.

Also, the ELO module itself has some changes when doing the review, which is stated in the update document.

The revised documents based on feedback yesterday have been uploaded at, please take a look and share your comments to improve it.



2.       Plan on the NMDA work

As you might know, IETF has started the NMDA work which affects how we modeling YANG modules.

As for now, the revised ietf-interface module(rfc7223bis) has been submitted at , also the guideline for YANG modeling (rfc6087bis) is on the way at . We plan to head to NMDA and would like to discuss how to move this work forward. The detailed information can be found at, in which 3 options are discussed:

·         Change to NMDA style during Task Force stage (D1.x)

·         Change to NMDA style during WG ballot (D2.x)

·         Leave the NMDA work to future maintenance.


Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments on the topics above. They will be discussed and hopefully approved in Charlotte.


Thank you very much.


Best Regards,