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[802.3_10SPE] CORRECTION: Planning for the March Plenary

CORRECTION – I mis-typed – the plenary is THURSDAY afternoon into the evening, not Tuesday.

This will, of course take another 3 hours to propagate, and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of emails in the meantime.




For those of you planning travel to Vancouver, remember this is a plenary meeting.

The meeting begins with the 802.3 opening plenary on Monday morning and closes with the closing plenary Tuesday evening.

As is usual with plenaries, there is a great deal of overlap between groups.  All groups get Monday afternoon to Thursday morning to meet, and it’s a bit of a jam.


Steve Carlson and I will be coordinating so that overlap between 802.3cg and the NGAUTO study group will be minimized; but our first priority will be progressing our project. This will be a little unpredictable because a lot depends on the outcome of the NGAUTO interim in February and where the group is with consensus on objectives.


Additionally we will overlap with 802.3bt, which should be resolving working group ballot  comments (and we won’t know how long that will take until the next ballot comes back).


Please plan that 802.3cg will meet Monday – Thursday.  We may take breaks in our sessions, either to build off-line consensus. to share time with NGAUTO, or with other groups.  At this time, I expect that we will start Monday right after the plenary and reserve Thursday morning for any concluding motions.  Between the two will depend on the contributions received.


One final note – the more progress we can make building consensus in ad hocs, the more efficient our meeting time in Vancouver will be, and  we will both get our work done AND allow you to participate in the work of other groups.  Please try to focus contributions on building consensus towards baseline proposals.


George Zimmerman, Ph.D.

President & Principal

CME Consulting, Inc.

Experts in Advanced PHYsical Communications