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[802.3_10SPE] supplement to my presentation last adHoc

Short supplement to my presentation last AdHoc:
The reason why I did this presentation was to clarify the simplicity of the requirements coming from the objective “Do not preclude working within an intrinsic safe device and system”. Unfortunately the last slide with the “realization example” and the following discussion again generated the impression of a complicated requirement.
From my point of view, the whole realization example is out of scope of IEEE802.3. Maybe it would have been better to call it “application example”. As I see it, there are no complex requirements concerning the whole “intrinsic Safety Issue”. Let me recapitulate the four basic points from my slide:
I see the whole “Intrinsic safety”-Issue only as an APPLICATION for the 10SPE. It’s just that the outcome of our IEEE-Project should NOT PRECLUDE working with these very few requirements mentioned above. So, summarizing, keeping these 4 points in mind while defining the communication is sufficient for that baseline proposal – from my point of view.
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