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[802.3_10SPE] Gentle reminder - presentation requests and presentations for 802.3cg

I am still accepting presentation requests for Vancouver. Thank you to those who have submitted their already, we do have presentations to cover the bases, but we will have time for more.


The presentations are due to me on Thursday – anywhere on Earth (that means next Friday morning (3/10) in California).


For the meeting, our big ticket items are expected to be:

-          Baseline Link Segments

-          Begin selection of PHY baselines

-          Begin to define powering scenarios


Particularly, we will want to progress our work on selecting baseline proposals.  These include:

-          Hear proposals for 1000m link segment proposal

-          Hear proposals on 15m (including Automotive) link segment

-          Hear proposals on a possible multi-drop PHY and link segment

-          Hear updates on PHY analysis & Powering leading to baseline proposals ready for the next meeting

-          Continue discussion of an optional MDI.