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[802.3_10SPE] Tentative schedule for May Interim

For May, 802.3cg will be at the back end of the week, and the Multigig automotive work will be at the front end of the week.


This means that IEEE P802.3cg 10Mb/s Single Pair Ethernet Task Force will meet starting Wednesday afternoon, all day Thursday and Friday.  I can’t promise we will finish early Friday, but the more we progress our work on ad hocs, the smoother our meeting will go in New Orleans.  I will update you if the schedule changes and as my vision for the workload in New Orleans progresses.


Additionally, it looks like 802.3bt (4 pair PoE) will be meeting the front end of the week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), so this should be a good chance to get input from those in the powering world.




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