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Re: [802.3_10SPE] [T1S PMD] Multidrop Terminations

Conrad - let me think on this.  The automotive link segments and MDI specs probably won't come up until Tuesday.  I recall we have some comments on terminations and these might be best be considered when we consider those comments.  They might also   be considered with mixing segment comments.  If you recall relevant comment numbers, that would help me. (by the way - this goes for anyone - if your presentation is relevant to particular comments and it isn't called out in the comment itself, please let me know which comments)
Im not posting again tonight, but will get these up tomorrow sometime - if you decide to modify to include comment numbers or additional material based on discussions.

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Hi everybody,

attached are two slides on the topic of terminations in multidrop segment defintion. I think, everybody can live with this suggestions, because it keeps all implementations open ...
George, I would present this (if necessary), wherever you can fit it in the agenda. Thanks.

Regards, Conrad

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