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[802.3_10SPE] Schedule for March Plenary in Rosemont

The 802.3cg Task Force and the 10Mbps Backplane Ethernet Study Group schedules are posted.  As expected, we have limited time (there are room constraints)

We start right after lunch (1PM) on Monday, and our first order of business is the Study Group.  We will then go straight into Task Force business and run until 6PM Monday evening.

Tuesday we run from 8am until 6pm as the 802.3cg Task Force.  We need to have all Task Force business finished by 6PM Tuesday.

We have an additional session scheduled from 7-9PM Tuesday for the 10Mbps Single Pair Ethernet Study group to respond to any comments on our proposed PAR and CSD modifications.


Unfortunately we do not have a meeting room on Wednesday or Thursday.  As needed, I will endeavor to find space if needed for an ad hoc – but can make no guarantees. 


The 802.3 Opening Plenary is 10am-12pm on Monday and the 802.3 Closing Plenary meeting is Thursday from 1PM until 6PM.  We expect to have business at the closing plenary (objectives, PAR and CSD modifications) so, you will want to attend that especially if you are an 802.3 voter.  If you are working on your voting rights, remember you must attend the plenary to get credit for Monday (opening plenary) or Thursday (closing plenary).In order to get 75%, that means you have to attend at least one of the 2 plenaries, AND attend a Wednesday task force meeting.  (you could of course, attend both plenaries, and Tuesday 802.3cg  and skip Wednesday as well).


The March 2018 schedule for 802.3 may be found here:


The IEEE 802 on-line schedule is generally posted one week prior to the meeting, and includes all 802 groups and room assignments. When that schedule is posted, I will update the link and send an update email.




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