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[802.3_10SPE] Reminder - requests for presentations for the March Plenary

Our 802.3cg editorial team is busy proposing resolutions to comments. We have a fair number of comments, but a fair number of them are also “EZ”.  I am hopeful we will have time for some presentations not directly tied to comments. 


Presentations planned for March Interim are below.  I have received at least one possible presentation request not tied to a comment (Steffen & Marcel that is you).  If you think you will be making an additional presentation request, please let me know asap, along with a title.


If, after looking at the comments you feel the need to make a presentation on one of them, please also let me know that (along with the comment number – it will save me from having to guess).











George Zimmerman, Chair,

IEEE P802.3cg Task Force

CME Consulting/(ADI, APL Group, Aquantia, BMW, Cisco, Commscope)

802.3cg Ad Hoc Report

Peter Jones


Review of 802.3bq Draft 1.1

802.3cg Editor’s Report

Valerie Maguire, Chief Editor

Siemon Company

COMMENT RESOLUTION (and presentations tied to comments)

Editorial Team

Comment 19: PCS Receive State Diagram

Steffen Graber


Comment 43: MDIO Register Mapping

Steffen Graber


Comment 45: Clause 98 Timer Values

Steffen Graber


Comment 56: Intrinsically Safe Applications

Steffen Graber


Comment 74: Open issues on the 1000m link specification Draft 1.0 (from 12/20/17 ad hoc slides 5-7)

Dieter Schicketanz

Reutinglen Univ.

Comments 111, 113-116, 121: Clause 147 figures

Piergiorgio Beruto


Comment 154: Figure

Conrad Zerna

Fraunhofer AG

Comments 148, 149, 155: TX amplitude, PSD and Emissions

Conrad Zerna

Fraunhofer AG

Presentations not tied to comments




George Zimmerman, Ph.D.

President & Principal

CME Consulting, Inc.

Experts in Advanced PHYsical Communications




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