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[802.3_10SPE] Thoughts on T1S PSD mask

Hi all,

I wish to share a thought about the discussion on the PSD mask to meet the EMC / EMI.

I think we might be focusing on the wrong problem: currently our objctives say that we shall not preclude fulfilling automotive and industrial requirements.

The upper limit of the PSD mask (which is under discussion) does not actually preclude anything. Implementers are always free to design a PHY with lower PSD to meet automotive requirements.

The problem should instead be addressed at the lower PSD mask which, if set too high, could indeed preclude achieving EMI performance.


Moreover, I think we really ought to increase the upper level of the PSD mask by at least 6dB in order not to preclude simpler/robust implementations for the industrial and backplane use cases.

Maybe we could also suggest a different upper mask that we consider safe (i.e. with enough margin) for the automotive use case.


Please if anyone has opinions on this to share, I would greatly appreciate it.

Best Regards,






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